Day Activities, Treks & Trips

Music & Dance at Fairy Meadows

At Fairy Meadows View Point, you can also explore the beautiful Raikot Valley. Guides are available everytime to take you to the below exclusive day trips. Thick Forests, Wild Life, Bird Species and 100% Adventure makes Fairy Meadows one of the best vacation spots in Pakistan.

Day Trips around Raikot Valley

Day 1: Fairy Meadow to Base Camp 4000m via Beyal Camp and View Point of Nanga Parbat.
Day 2: Fairy Meadow to Way Carrow.
Day 3: Fairy Meadow to Jilliper High Camp.
Day 4: Fairy Meadow to Beyal Camp.
Day 5: Fairy Meadow to Susser Bosh.
Day 6: Fairy Meadow to Raikot Glacier.
Day 7: Fairy Meadow to Bathrate Village.

Trek to Bulder Peak ( 5678m )

Day 1: Fairy Meadow to Beyal Camp, 3600m.
Day 2: Beyal Camp to Bulder High Base Camp 4550m.
Day 3: Climb up to Bulder Peak 5678m.
Day 4: Optinal Stay at Nanga Parbat Base Camp or Beyal Valley or Fairy Meadows

Trek to Ganalo Peak ( 5365m )

Day 1: Fairy Meadow to Galano High Camp (4400m).
Day 2: Climb up to Ganalo Peak and overnight stay.
Day 3: Back to Fairy Meadows 3333m.

Trek to Jilliper Peak ( 5245m )

Day 1: Fairy meadow to Jilliper high camp ( 4500m).
Day 2: Climb up to peak via Jilliper Pass ( 4800m) and overnight stay at Beyal Camp (3600m)
Day 3: Back to Fairy Meadows 3333m.

Day Trip to Best Spot in Fairy Meadow

Day 1: Fairy meadow to Baser Gali. Baser Gali is the place where you can have the BEST VIEW of Karakoram Range, Indus River, Chilas City and Gore Shamori.